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Fine Art America is a free service for artists to upload images and sell prints. Some artists earn dozens of sales each month. Others only sell a few pictures each year. The company focuses on sustainability, so each product is made in one location and shipped quickly.

They produce wall art, including prints, posters and tapestries. They also create shirts and apparel.

Free to sign up

If you’re a photographer or artist, Fine Art America is the perfect platform for you to sell your work. You can upload photos and paintings to the site and then have them printed on a variety of products, including wall art prints, T-shirts, and yoga mats. The best part is that the artists get a decent chunk of each sale.

It’s free to sign up with a standard account and start selling. If you want to upgrade your account, it costs $30 a year and includes more marketing tools and unlimited design uploads. It also gives you your own website to promote yourself.

Free to list up to 30 items

Fine Art America is one of the world’s largest print-on-demand companies and offers a variety of products. From posters to framed prints, it has an extensive collection of images by artists. It also sells home decor items like shower curtains, coffee mugs, and canvas totes.

Artists can earn a significant amount of money by selling their work on Fine Art America. The site allows artists to set their own price for each product, which is then combined with a base printing cost and shipping fee. Afterward, the artist will receive their share of the profit in the form of a check.

There is no fee to register with Fine Art America, but a $30 annual membership is required for premium features. The website also offers a webshop plugin that can be integrated into an artist’s personal or business website.

Free to sell up to 30 items

Fine Art America allows artists to upload and sell 2D works of artwork like paintings, drawings, and photos. It also offers prints of these pieces and other products such as mugs and totes. Artists can make money by selling these items at the price they set.

The site has a base price for each product that artists can mark up, and then it adds a fee for printing and the cost of materials. This gives the customer a final price for the product they are buying.

The website also offers a variety of shipping options and a 30-day return policy for customers. Its 14 fulfillment centers in five countries help artists reach customers worldwide. Artists can also license their work for commercial use or reproduction, allowing them to earn even more money.

Free to ship up to 30 items

If you’re a photographer and want to sell your photos online, Fine Art America is a great place to start. Its print-on-demand technology allows you to sell your work on a wide range of products. This includes wall art, gift cards, coffee mugs, and more. The site also offers a variety of promotional codes to help you save money on shipping and other fees.

For each product, Fine Art America lists a base price that they charge and take for themselves, then allows you to set your own markup price for the profit you’ll make on each sale. The markup you choose is based on the size of each print.

It’s free to sign up for a basic account with Fine Art America, but they do require a $30 per year subscription to use their premium features. This subscription includes a branded website, additional sales tools, and email marketing.

Free to return items

Fine Art America is a print-on-demand selling platform that allows artists to sell their work without having to deal with printing, shipping, and customer service. It offers a free standard account and premium features for $30 a year.

New artists often struggle to make sales. They can take months or even years before they start getting a steady stream of orders. Once they do, it’s like an avalanche that continues to grow.

Artists who choose to use a premium website can get access to a wider audience and more marketing opportunities. However, they will also have less control over their shipping process. This can cause delays in shipping and a lack of transparency for customers. Additionally, there are risks associated with changing the titles of your images and collections.

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