L Street Fine Art Gallery

L Street Fine Art Gallery is located in downtown San Diego, across from Omni Hotel. Gallery is open daily and free to the public.

Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) and L Street Fine Art Gallery collaborate to showcase local artists’ creative interpretations of the California Dream in partnering exhibitions. The project is expertly coordinated by Kay Colvin.

San Diego Dreaming

Glen Maxion’s art focuses on the people, beaches and light of Southern California. He uses quick gesture drawings as the foundation for minimalist studies in rhythm and color. Maxion’s paintings capture the energy and spontaneity of surfers, beachgoers, and sunsets.

Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) and L Street Fine Art in San Diego are collaborating to exhibit “San Diego Dreaming,” a pair of partnering exhibitions that spotlight creative interpretations specific to artists who live in and around San Diego County. An extension of OMA’s international juried exhibition California Dreaming, which traveled to Italy in 2014 and is now on display at OMA and Riverside Art Museum through spring 2015, the dual San Diego Dreaming exhibitions were selected by jurors Daniel Foster, Peter Frank, and Drew Oberjuerge, with expert project coordination by Kay Colvin.

The exhibition features a total of 70 local artists and their very different dreams. Unlike most dreams, however, these visions are not fleeting.

A Foreign Affair

Rosemary Valente, whose artistic style is shaped by her life of world travel, creates landscape paintings that leave viewers with a sense of enchantment and desire to experience unspoiled locales firsthand. Her expressionist landscapes evoke the essence of idyllic settings, but do not replicate them; instead, they transform them with vibrant colors and simplified shapes that are both modern and timeless.

MadC, born Claudia Walde in Germany, is one of the most accomplished urban contemporary artists in the world today. Her canvases are a result of over 25 years of constant engagement with art, both on the street and in galleries. Of the 68 artists that have repeatedly exhibited with L Street Fine Art, 4 improved their rank over time. Among those are Kim MacConnel, who is now ranked #10, and Terry Allen, who is ranked #19. Of the 29 exhibitions held by the gallery, 6 were solo shows.

L Street Artists

Unlike traditional fine art that is bound by legal checkboxes and behind doors, street artists work in a world where inspiration comes from all around. Confining their works to a strict legal regime would not only limit artistic expression, but also hinder the spirit of collaboration that is the foundation of street art.

The artists shown at l street fine art are mostly from the United States, with some from Australia and Peru. The gallery has held at least 29 exhibitions, including group shows and solo shows. The average age of the artists exhibited is 53.

The gallery sells T-shirts, stickers and wall art made by independent artists. They make their products one at a time in socially responsible ways. Each purchase helps put money directly in the artist’s pocket. The gallery has partnered with companies such as Perrier whose bottles the artist adorned with “Poptic’art”, and Agnes b who added the graffiti-style to her line of clothes.


As summer stretches its golden wings, Eden Gallery will take you on a mesmerizing artistic voyage on the regal island of Mykonos. The art gallery is presenting a captivating artistic experience through mesmerizing creative events.

L Street Fine Art has had 29 verified exhibitions (solo shows and group shows) with 68 artists, mostly in San Diego. They were also present at 3 art fairs.

Artists that have exhibited with LSt Fine Art are predominantly from the United States and a few other countries. They are primarily male (57%) and the average age is 53. Of the 68 artists that have exhibited with them, 4 improved their rank while exhibiting with them. The gallery is located at 628 L St, San Diego 92101 across from Omni Hotel.

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